The sequel to the Cooper Chronicles

Hello everyone! I have had quite a few people ask me about the sequel to the Cooper Chronicles lately.

I am so sorry it isn’t quite finished yet.

I am balancing it at the moment with a children’s picture book that is currently being published called Mrs Mavis Marshmallow And The Colour Yellow.

I will let you know when it comes out.

I would like to teach young children about colours in a fun way and I came up with an idea of writing books aimed at each colour.

I have also written James Jellybean And The Colour Green and Fiona Fairybread And The Colour Red. More on these books later. These have slowed me down a little with the Sequel to the Cooper Chronicles, but I have still been plodding along with the book and hope to have it finished soon.

My competition winners Karen Fox and Kelly, Tygr and Kealin all feature in it as promised and also Caleb and the Talbots.

I can’t wait for you all to read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

This book has a real twist to it which I think you will all like.

I will keep you posted on The Cooper Chronicles Sequel’s progress.

Thank you so much for your patience.

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