Mrs Mavis Marshmallow and the Colour Yellow


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Join Mrs Mavis and friends in this sunny rhyming book about a very colourful character … So long as that colour is yellow!



Mrs Mavis Marshmallow and the Colour Yellow is the first book in a series of children’s rhyming picture books designed to teach young children about colours in an educational and enjoyable manner. Mrs Mavis Marshmallow is obsessed with the colour yellow and the reader will be given a plethora of yellow items to identify and discuss.

Enjoy spending time with your child pointing to all the yellow objects in this book.

11 reviews for Mrs Mavis Marshmallow and the Colour Yellow

  1. Lorene Wright

    Love this book. What a great way for children to learn their colours.
    My grandchildren love all,the colour books Cheryl has written.

  2. Carolee Roberts

    I have all 4 of Cheryl’s delightful books which my 2 grandchildren love having me read to them. Great illustrations accompany the educational storylines. My grandson particularly likes finding the animals on each page.

  3. Alissa Joy

    My children and I are thoroughly enjoying your books – thank you �

  4. Margaret Maher

    These books are an excellent way for children to learn their colours, I highly recommend them.

  5. Maree

    Mrs Mavis Marshmallow and the colour yellow is a delightful book, that I have read to my granddaughter after she commented on the colour of my sunflowers in my garden. She found the bees and flower illustrations, and we discussed how she had seen them also on my sunflowers.
    She really enjoyed how the colour yellow is throughout the book in gorgeous illustrations and was able to relate the colour yellow into her everyday life. What a delightful educational book.
    Looking forward to reading the other colour books to my grandchildren from Cheryl Ann Knights.

  6. Nolene Muir

    I work as a Family Daycare Mum, and I find reading Cheryl’s colour books is a fun way for them to learn their colours. They love Megsy the cat and the bees and think that Mrs Mavis Marshmallow”s yellow hat is very big and funny.
    I think that Mrs Mavis Marshmallow reminds me of my own grandmother and brings back many happy memories. Thankyou Cheryl

    • Cheryl Ann Knights

      Thank you Nolene for your lovely reviews. Yes Mavis Marshmallow is a favourite. The children all seem to have their favourite character and colour. I wrote each character with a unique personality so there is appeal to everyone depending on their own personality.

  7. Jamie bell

    Great book. Will be purchasing the others. Kids couldn’t put it down.

  8. Mark Elliott

    These books are great. I highly recommend buying the series .Our kids love them.

    • Cheryl Ann Knights

      So glad the kids enjoyed them!

    • Cheryl Ann Knights

      Thanks for the review Mark.

    • Cheryl Ann Knights

      Thanks for the review Mark!

  9. Caroline Scouller

    I read all four of these books to our Toddler and Junior kindy children at Willow Early Education at Arundel. They really enjoyed looking at all the different things in the colour theme of each book and they were easy to read from an adults point of view. We will definitely add them to our library and love to support local businesses.
    Thank you Cheryl Ann

    • Cheryl Ann Knights

      In reply to Caroline Scouller.
      Thank you so much Caroline for your lovely review! The children also enjoy looking for the hidden pet on each page of James Jellybean, Fiona Fairybread and Lucy Licorice Chew just to add another dimension to reading time.

  10. Kath

    Beautifully illustrated with eye-catching colour and a sense of rhyme to grab the children’s attentions. These are beautiful stories that already have our children asking, “Can we read it again?”

    • Cheryl Ann Knights

      So glad you are all enjoying the books! Thanks Kath for that gorgeous review.

  11. Susan Johnson

    Great books, beautifully illustrated. Highly recommend. The children love them and ask again and again for them to be read to them

    • Cheryl Ann Knights

      Thanks so much for the review Susan, I appreciate it.

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